I push the things I’m into, because I think the things I’m into are cool. I’m not ashamed of what I do.
But I see the money in the industry. It may cost thousands of lives, but it also may save millions of lives. Safety is the number one aspect. The next is Health, and the last is preference. Everyone wants to live, and we find certain ways of living as preferable. It’s a look versus a discipline.
It’s the variety of ways we stretch our boundaries.

Enhanced Asset Allocation
Enhanced Asset Allocation

One thought on “Craft

  1. M

    I see myself chasing the idea of harm reduction.
    I push my methods and new beliefs with an urgency to all that will listen. My hope is that they will agree, that others will rally behind this unknown statement, this is the safer way to go.
    Do i really know if this new path is better, safer, healthier? Do I really know if I’m better off? Is it possible that I am playing a part in the destruction of all who hear my well rehearsed rhetoric? Lines used without knowing for certain of what impact they may have on those who follow. The same lines used so many times.
    Though… inside, deep inside… I know.
    I know that the only true harm reduction would be to cast off these chains of self indulgence, which I have foolishly labeled freedom and enjoyment, and never let them bind me again.
    I want to believe that this path must be better, and so… I do. So I must apply as much logic as i need to until I, and they are convinced.
    After all, I am a blind sales man, just trying to lead the blind through a uncertain path, chanting safety and health we fade away into the milky unknown.

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