Power and Me

The Web is an almost-infinite growing number of connections. The issue with hostility is that it opens Persons up to the Public view and research.

If it were a general Move to a War.

Waer one


It was unlike anything I’d seen before.  Colonies of QR splat on walls.

I talk to them, but the words never seem to spill a visceral amount of graphs and gratitudes.
  Present to you
  without guard.

So we took out our phones.

Note from

Here, we confront a new paradox.

There was writing on the walls.  Post-its and message boards and maps. A poster of the muscle groups and scales for techniques.

There was a howl there before. There was a shell over the ears,  so it amplified and took on a life of its own.

It was loud in there.  The waves of the air that grab a soul’s scent and it whispers back.

It knows the energy. The environment. 
It knows the air.. 
It knows the air I have..to breathe..


The diversity of relationships: The balance of the Human equinox.

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The Build is a Preference.

Preference. But there is an average.
Some like it hot.
Some like it cold.
I believe the Hookah Build will satisfy most people’s needs of the clouds and the heat produced.

If we can find an average between these, we become the most popular shop. Building is our fourth biggest revenue builder that is solely based on time. If we can utilize this method to bring people into the shop, then we can add additional house. Hire additional people. And turn our store into a Mecca of all that is Smoking Cessation, and all the popular subculture that are emerging.


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The sounds of the Smart Water and the Human Species

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If you listen close enough, you can hear the freeway buzzing from the backyard. There’s movement, driven by others. A world within it’s own.
The cars are a singularity. A form of solitary singularity. Solitary.
It’s the helicopters that scare me.
Passion involved. There’s rough music, and distant pops.
There’s the blaring of a nearby car. The higher the pitches, the more the alert.
Jingling. Footsteps. Whispers. Robotic noises.

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I feel like what I’ve run into is what the Tobacco industry was. A supplier of Nicotine, in the form of vapor.

It’ll be a dominating industry.

We are the new Milligram Pushers, but there’s a safety and a science and a culture emerging.

And the flavor and the vapor aspect is growing much more popular by each days’ end.

Because the time span comes sooner rather than later.

Wasn’t that what tobacco was all about?

A steady addiction.

To zero milligram.