If that sounds strange, it’s because it is

I woke up with sweat pouring down my chin and a feverish inclination for colder weather. The sun was down and the lights were on. I slept a thousand days before this, but on this day (alas, night) I awoke.

“ShwShwShw,” a whisper in my ear.

Was it the wind or another next to me, talking in their sleep…

“ShwShwShw,” I shot up with my pulse rate, stiff but stable. I was alone


Note @ California

It wasn’t the blast that started it all.  It was the steady trickle of water from the creek.  Over time,  the trickle turned to steady,  and then it turned to thunder.

The hiss between the gilted caverns about a quarter inch wide howled when clouds formed and lightning hit.  It was like pressing Play to listen it out.

Bowls of water filled and over filled and saturated the Earth for more and more and more.

I ran along the Trepidation lands and found camp.