It’s cold.

Chilly.  Driving and theres listlessness in the air.  A few frozen patches to flip the lights..

It’s chilly. And there’s warmth from the screen and a heart beat beating like an R&B beat. 

The waves shake the ground.  And it flows.

It flows on. Forward and around.  Encompassing.  Encapsulating. 

And it makes me feel real.


Christmas Notes

I like to think that I’m becoming more aggressive in my pursuits.
Passivity is a nonchalance that can never be afforded in life, where only effort, expertise
and experience is what differentiates one salesman from the next.

Shaft learning is the only plausible learning grounds for narrow pursuits.

“I used to be in a clan. For Day of Defeat. It was based out of Texas. It was a forum with a
login and a front page with announcements. Very usable website.”

He paused.

“Well we played an old WWII video game where it took teamwork and push to capture multiple
locations. Eventually players would find the strategy in the map and successfully complete the course
against the other team.”

This came from a history with paintball and dirt clod fights.
I found the gig to be nerve-racking. I was violent in my pursuits and non-strategized on how
the company would be perceived in the marketplace. It was shoot, point, and eventually miss,
because I probably should have pointed first. This a video game reference I am talking about.

Wouldn’t want to get sued and it’s no fun in prison when you have all these other pursuits.
I would like to do business with _______. If ___________________ converts to a marketplace,
the whole thing could be rich. But it’s not my company. Neither is _______. Neither is ____________.
Neither is _____________.

They are all just ideas founded upon another’s ideas.

I must realize the grounds that they come from, and the Roots of the crew or whoever is left from the
living history of the company. And how they’ve grown since day one, and how all the founding, rooted ideas have died along with it.

Every year is different.

Every pursuit is different.

If you have a well structured team, that is focused on turning customers (AR/AP/Customer Service/Sales), with a good eye on keeping existing customers
(management, operations, marketing), then the acquiring of new customers should come as easy as holding a sign out of the window.


The diversity of relationships: The balance of the Human equinox.

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The Build is a Preference.

Preference. But there is an average.
Some like it hot.
Some like it cold.
I believe the Hookah Build will satisfy most people’s needs of the clouds and the heat produced.

If we can find an average between these, we become the most popular shop. Building is our fourth biggest revenue builder that is solely based on time. If we can utilize this method to bring people into the shop, then we can add additional house. Hire additional people. And turn our store into a Mecca of all that is Smoking Cessation, and all the popular subculture that are emerging.