I feel like what I’ve run into is what the Tobacco industry was. A supplier of Nicotine, in the form of vapor.

It’ll be a dominating industry.

We are the new Milligram Pushers, but there’s a safety and a science and a culture emerging.

And the flavor and the vapor aspect is growing much more popular by each days’ end.

Because the time span comes sooner rather than later.

Wasn’t that what tobacco was all about?

A steady addiction.

To zero milligram.



Some people have names that are similar to other persons’ names.

Reading people and learning how you would like to react to it, is all part of learning who you are.

Incentives work into everyones’ decision making.

Loyalty is survival.

Learning how to learn to listen, teach, and read.

Regulating ones’ breaths…

To speak intelligently.

Process life.

Life Processes Web

Topic of the Day

Google Chromecast (hardware) and the streaming of “interest viewing” like a television

Google’s connection as a social network

Vine is 6 seconds. Instagram is 15 seconds. Google is “social content stream”

The Explosion of Wireless Internet Access

The Introduction to Commercial Internet Communications

1. Skype as a communication tool.

2. Efficient online databases of product availability and transit

3. The New Age. The Internet’s Communication

Marketing and a voice

A whisper in the customer’s ear.

Incentive for Revenue: The New Moral Highground

Internet Retailing

A Sales Communication