A fissure

Sharp fusion.
It spoke. It’s breaths were spectacular. It didn’t even hum. 

A crystal eye.




For the coming age:

A stronger core.

I am not a stranger.

(Internal dialogue)

Another day, the same burrow.

I saw an angel today.

I saw myself.

I know that we can find God in ourselves, for one,

and in others, for our self.

I accept what I am.

But I don’t know what to believe.

I arranged the trinkets in my bags and on table tops.

I watched the sun come up and turn the place light blue, just a hint from behind the lamps. Enough for another day.



Then she spoke with a sense of urgency.

Hidden behind a concrete wall
With her finger prying the backside of a heart.

Tell me the things that you’ve done.
   ‘Tell me the things that you will do to me’

She spoke a thousand words with just one look.
           So I wanted to be closer…
I put one foot after the other
     And I spoke.

Sense of Self-Importance

God has to have a sense of humor.

PC: http://www.parents-choice.org/article.cfm?art_id=294
PC: http://www.parents-choice.org/article.cfm?art_id=294

Not a mean one, but a funny one. One that teaches you lessons, if God has meaning.

But what if the memory is just what we put out. As a self narration we existed and we exist. It could lead a man to good pain and nutrition.

I found myself a window pane and wrote beside the doors. I filled the room with my love. Observations and interactions as concurrent with human nature, animal nature, horticultural nature, and Life, and the like.

I wrote myself a song to fill the air. I wrote myself a song meant to be only fair.
I wrote myself a song.