Refinement of the Revenues and Revelations.

“That’s the thing talking to people around my age.
I’m expected to have a fucking opinion.
Most of the time I don’t.”

The older I grow, the more I see the growth of others, and the refinement of the self.



I push the things I’m into, because I think the things I’m into are cool. I’m not ashamed of what I do.
But I see the money in the industry. It may cost thousands of lives, but it also may save millions of lives. Safety is the number one aspect. The next is Health, and the last is preference. Everyone wants to live, and we find certain ways of living as preferable. It’s a look versus a discipline.
It’s the variety of ways we stretch our boundaries.

Enhanced Asset Allocation
Enhanced Asset Allocation

My favorite activity in the world will always be to loosen my grip with time so that I may feel every moment, not as a distraction, but as a reality.
This can be achieved through Zen moments of breathing.

Every moment has it’s tune.